1. I have a Vintage, unrestored Soda machine or Gas Pump. Are you interested in buying it?

We are always interested in purchasing your collectibles. Please email Shane or George with a few pictures of your item, inside/outside, etc. Also please advise the condition and any known issues or history. We ask that you also include your asking price.

2.  Can I "Trade-in" my existing Soda Machine or Gas Pump for a Fully Restored Machine?

Yes, we do take "Trade-Ins" providing it is a model we usually restore, and something we will be able to restore and sell at a later date.

3. I have a vintage soda machine that doesn't cool anymore. I don't want it restored, but I would like to get the Cooling system and Vending Mechanism up and running again. Is this something you could do for me?

Yes. We fix compressors and get machines working all the time. In Fact, we recommend re-wring all old machines, as well as installing new fan motors and a thermostat.

4. Do you deliver and Setup Machines for local customers?

Delivery is available providing your within a reasonable driving distance.

5. How long should I wait to Plug in my compressor after moving my soda machine?

You should wait at least 24 hours before plugging in your Soda machine after moving it.

6. What kind of Paint do you use?

We finish all our restoration projects in high grade Automotive Paint. We use urethane Paint and also Base Clear depending on the project. Lettering is also done by a professional sign painter/pinstripe artist.

7. Tell me about your Chrome Plating and Stainless pieces.

We have all the Chrome parts professionally redone by a high end reputable chrome shop. They also professionally polish and remove dents on any stainless steel pieces your machine may have.

8. Do you Powder-Coat the internals?

Yes. The inner cabinet liners, vending components, bottle stacks, and any pieces that would be subject to wear or moisture are all powder-coated with a high grade finish.

9. Do you restore Coin Mechanisms?

Yes, we can have your old coin mechanism completely taken apart and rebuilt and also Zinc plated.

10. Are the old style Soda bottles still available in stores?

Absolutely.  There are many places you can still buy the retro style bottles to fit in your restored machine. Some machines can also fit cans and Beer Bottles.

11. Do you sell Parts?

We usually don't sell parts. We keep them for future restoration projects. If you're looking to purchase parts for your Soda Machine, we recommend ordering from Funtronics. (Phone # (217) 857-1759)

12. How much does it cost to have my Soda Machine/Gas Pump/Porcelain Sign Restored?

We tend to get this question a lot. It really depends on condition, parts needed, etc. If you send us some pictures of your item, we will be happy to give you a estimate over email. Please include pictures of all sides, inside, compressor area, coin mechanism area etc. Also let us know of any known problems, and if the unit is currently functioning properly.




1. Your machine is given a visual inspection. We note which parts will need to be replaced or repaired, as well as noting what items will have to be ordered, or fabricated.

2. Your machine is taken FULLY apart. Every last screw is taken out, old insulation all removed, and all parts cataloged and inspected. Chrome is sent to a high end reputable chrome shop we deal with, where it is professionally re-plated. All stainless gets polished and dents removed.

3. The cabinet, main door, coin door, and other panels and metal components are all completely stripped and  rust areas sandblasted to bare metal.

4. Bodywork is professionally done, removing all dents and imperfections, and a automotive grade high solids primer applied. The primer is sanded making the metal nice and straight. New metal floors are often fabricated, and welded in place.

5. We install a fiberglass resin and matting inner floor liner, as well as apply a rubberized undercoating inside the cabinet of the machine to prevent any future rust issues and help preserve your machine from moisture.

6. All internal parts such as the cabinet liner, vending shelves and components are all sandblasted, and professionally Powder-coated.

7. All body Panels are professionally painted in automotive grade paint. All hand lettering is done by a professional Sign Painter/Pinstripe artist.

8. Coin mechanisms are cleaned, adjusted, and taken apart and either painted or completely re zinc plated by a professional.

9. Cooling systems are taken all apart, re-painted, new wiring harnesses installed, new fan motors installed, new thermostat installed, and completely gone though and inspected. We try to use the original compressors, but if they are seized or not working we install new compressors to the existing system or a completely new system can be installed.

10. The assembly can now be started. We install all new insulation, new breaker strips, decals, rubber seals, stainless hardware, and drain tubes.

11. Once the machine is put back together fully, We run the machine on what we call "TEST-MODE" in our shop for approximately a week to fine tune the thermostat setting and make any small adjusts that we discover.

12. Once the machine has be given George's or Shane's "Seal of Approval", it can be shipped to your destination or picked up and be ready for your enjoyment.